I see countless piles of salt on the Silky sand.As I am walking i see a man with blue jeans on with a camel  also i noticed that he is jewish because of the hat he has on.He has a strong smell of salt on hime.I curios why he smells like?Then I see a backpack with just plain black on it  and i ask him what he has in it.Then he tells me that he has trading supplies in it because he is walking to jerusalem and i ask if i can come along with him and he agrees.Then I ask him why is he walking to jerusalem and he says that i’m  walking the incense route.

I ask why and he says that he is trying to make money and i continue to walk with him.He says we have to talk a brake because his camel is tired so we set up camping and make a fire.I ask him what his name is and he tells me aaron as moses older brother.Then we see this glimmering building.With sparkling gems and many different variations of gold.There so much color in these windows like blue green,yellow and orange.On the benches we can see that there are carvings into the wood like moses or jesus is in the wood.Then bill takes me to this store it’s a little bit dusty and it have a faint smell of pumpkin spice in the air.Then he takes me to his supplier of incense.I ask Bill if he can show me how to make incense and he agrees to teach me.But the man has a hat on I belive it is a jewish hat And he is wearing a  robe.But it is way more colorful than s typical robe would been it vibrate in colors like blue red and a little bit of orange.He also has a faint smell of incense of his clothes which is to be expected.

First he tells me that you have to have these resources start with              anise,water,sandalwood,aloeswood,frankincense,myrrh and borneol and there are also many more types of wood.But they’re also one more thing that you need is roots.You need to combine all of these to make the scents into the sticks that they sold.You have to crush the resources into one and use ash and sawdust to make the sticks.

But he is getting machines that will apply paste to and also multiple types of machine that dip perfume.Then he says that women will hand roll the sticks for pay but he is buying a warehouse to expand his business.So he can be a main supply of incense in the town of jerusalem.So I ask jimmy how long has he been in the incense business.He says that he has been incense for 20 years and I say that is impressive.Then I say bye to bill because he is leaving to walk to mecca and I am going to stay at jerusalem.But to this day I wonder what happened to bill in his journeys across the incense route and if he is still alive today.  


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